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The Creative Process Podcast – Ep 6. Rosetta

New album Utopioid is out now.On the surface, Pennsylvania’s Rosetta are a post metal band. However, over the course of six albums they have...

The Creative Process Podcast Ep. 5: Elder

Over the course of four albums, Boston’s Elder have deftly combined the genres of stoner metal, doom metal, and progressive rock. Drawing on influences...
a.c. freazy

A.C. Freazy Interview: “I found the self-confidence I needed”

Aucklanders will be familiar with Alex through Tiny Ruins, now working under the musical guise of A.C. Freazy, he has moved from behind the...
crash ensemble

Crash Ensemble Interview: “Keep pushing the boundaries of contemporary music.”

Crash Ensemble play Cork on September 16th as part of the Sounds From A Safe Harbour festival.What is Crash Ensemble? Something pretty special. Founded...
cheap perfume

New Music: Cheap Perfume – ‘It’s Okay (To Punch Nazis)’

The rise of the radical right in America is quite a worrying trend. I feel as if we had become lulled into a false...

New Music: Somehow – ‘While The Days Go By’

New Album Hidden Memories out now on Toolong Records.Monotony. Something that afflicts us all. We're ornery creatures, and even in this, the most wonderful...
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the wedding present

The Wedding Present – ‘Everyone Thinks He Looks Daft’ | Overblown...

GB30 is out on 22nd September via HHBTM / Scopitones. It's an unusual tale of an album anniversary. In 2008, David Gedge's indie pop pioneers...