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Be Softly

Spoken word: Zoë Blair-Schlagenhauf & Be Softly new track tackling opioid...

New album Unfinished Apology Letters now. Direct and raw, Unfinished Apology Letters is the result of a two year collaboration between Zoë Blair-Schlagenhauf and the art...

Post-hardcore: quiqui share new album ‘町の鈴生り’

町の鈴生り is out now via Long Legs Long Arms Records.Hashima, Japan-based post-hardcore outfit quiqui have shared their debut album 町の鈴生り....
Gouge Away

Gouge Away Interview: “We knew we wanted to do something different”

New album, Burnt Sugar, is out now via Deathwish.Nearly three years ago, the debut album from hardcore quartet Gouge Away, titled , Dies, knocked...
Black Salvation

Black Salvation Interview: “It’s about the moment you are creating.”

New album Uncertainty is Bliss is out now via Relapse Records. For nearly ten years now, Leipzig's Black Salvation have been mining a vein of...

The Creative Process Podcast – Ep 11: Happyness

New album Write in is out now via Moshi Moshi and Bar/None Records. Talking to me today is Jonny Allen, who plays guitar, bass, and sings...
and so i watch you from afar

The Creative Process Podcast – Ep 10: And So I Watch...

New album The Endless Shimmering is out October 20th via Sargent House. Joining us is Niall Kennedy, guitarist from the Belfast based instrumental rock band And...
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Premiere: Drinking Boys and Girls Choir – Keep Drinking

You can't beat a bit of fun. A theory clearly demonstrated by South Korean skate punks Drinking Boys and Girls Choir. 'Keep Drinking' is...