Chore – ‘Aloha’ | Overblown Track Premiere


The Coastaline Fire vinyl re-issue is out November 18 via Label Obscura.

In 2002 Ontario’s Chore occupied the heavier side of Canadian alternative rock. Ploughing through a sound influenced by the heft of Helmet and the nuance of Fugazi, the group nurtured a somewhat rabid fanbase in Hamilton. For their third album, The Coastaline Fire, the quartet became a quintet with the addition of Mitch Bowden on guitar and vocals, which received critical acclaim upon its release. Now, the Canadian Label Obscura will re-issue the album on an extremely limited run of 300 copies.

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Utilising off kilter harmonies and cool chunky turn of the century distortion, they combined their powerful, intellectual sound and tasteful rock sensibilities with a unique trace of Middle Eastern melodicism on album highlight ‘Aloha’. The track showcases their melodic and balanced approach to post-hardcore, and sees them emerge like Helmet’s Canadian spawn with their own distinctive flavour. Overblown is delighted to re-present the track, and its original performance based music video, to celebrate the re-issue of The Coastaline Fire.

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