Dorney’s Weekly Album Capsule Reviews | 07 May 2017


1. Goldfrapp: Silver Eye [mute, 31/03/2017]

Alison Goldfrapp’s hazy assurance is nearly as assured as those electronics that go along with them. (6/10)

2. Thurston Moore: Rock n Roll Consciousness [Ecstatic Peace!/Caroline, 28/04/2017]

Picking up where Slint left off, the instrumentation is compartmentalised. Not quite Spiderland where the clear technical astuteness of David Pajo was suppressed for full-on effect—more Moore setting up a jam session that has more to do with his own compartment than he’d like to think. He wouldn’t have pulled that one off in the Sonic Youth days. The vocals are a seamless state of motionless going-through-the-motions. Like Brian McMahan, actually. (6/10)

3. Ryuichi Sakamoto: async [Commmons/Milan, 27/04/2017]

Eminently unlistenable yet eminently bearable, all the while being fixated on sparse textures. (6/10)

4. Colin Stetson: All This I Do for Glory [52Hz, 28/04/2017]

Nothing caught me off guard as much as I was expecting it to. But as much as he’s attempting to reinvent the wheel here, I think I have to give it another chance. There is something in there. It might be just the first track, which had groove. The rest didn’t. (6/10)

5. ZotheJerk & Frost Gamble: Black Beach (collaboration) [22 Entertainment, 26/05/2017]

In the year of the black-plight album (it’s every year, really, but this is the year), ZotheJerk adds yet another ingredient to the pot with this over-exuberant piece of pomp. His cadence and diction is so harsh that believing him beyond the first bar isn’t a challenge, more a chore. The production throughout points to his influences and the black epoch he so proudly represents (almost too well). Even through the shit, he still has a love-love relationship with America—it made him. Keep your victims close but your victims closer—we’re all victims, not just the “Negus”, and he acknowledges that. You can clearly hear it in the grating manifestations of his passionate bellowing. (6/10)

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