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Hardy Hum

And We Should Die Of That Roar is a one-man musical soirée, instigated and run since 2014 by a 37 years young guitarist, vocalist and songwriter Hardy Hum.



Rob Ryan

Been a long time music fan and finally able to give something back. OB is a top notch source of new music and a site I frequent on a near daily basis, only right I chip in and happy to do so. Keep it up OB!


Ian Smith

is a vinyl enthusiast and music obsessive whom in 2016, along with a group of friends, founded Last Night From Glasgow a kind of modern day pop music patronage. In their first year LNFG attracted 200 like minded individuals who invested in their roster which includes the likes of BooHooHoo, TeenCanteen, Medicine Men, Sun Rose, Radiophonic Tuckshop, Emme Woods, Sister John and Mark W Georgsson. Ian is a huge fan of Wilco, Tunng, Pavement, Get Well Soon and The Wedding Present but rarely has the time to enjoy any music but that which his label promotes. Ian is married to Julia, Dad to Levon and Master to Bennett the dug.

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