SILVERFIELD – ‘Sticky Fingered Boy’ (Overblown Video Premiere)


EP And Mini Tour Planned For Summer. Details TBC.

So what is a sticky fingered boy? In the parlance of our times it means a boy who has light fingers. A thief in other words. A kleptomaniac perhaps. That might be a touch extreme. I knew a sticky fingered boy once. He nabbed my limited edition digipak version of Foo Fighters’ There’s Nothing Left To Lose and Pearl Jam’s live DVD Touring Band 2000. But that was a long time ago. Maybe I should let that go. I digress.

‘Sticky Fingered Boy’ just so happens to also be the name of the debut single from Hereford lo-fi/indie/grunge quartet SILVERFIELD. An energetic and straightforward blast, it condemns the titular character as vocalist/guitarist Ellie Jean Bramhall sardonically exclaims, “Sticky fingered boy you mean nothing to me” over fuzzed up, flangey guitar, a little bit of slap bass in one isolated spot, and a generally lo-fi attitude. One wonders what the sticky fingered boy got his hands on. Whatever it was, Bramhall is not pleased about it.

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Check out the video above or listen to it below via Soundcloud.

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