10 Best Songs For A Romantic Night

You and your partner are starting to kick off a fun night, but something isn’t quite right. What is missing? It’s the tunes! If you are wondering what the best songs are to set the mood, then we can help. So, let’s count down ten of the best songs for a romantic night that will move things in the right direction.

10“Sexual Healing”- Marvin Gaye

This song gets right to the point, so it is perfect if you are trying to steer things towards the bedroom. Sexual healing is a classic, and Marvin Gaye’s silky voice will make you feel the love.

9“Never Gonna Leave This Bed” – Maroon 5

Adam Levine’s high pitched voice fits perfectly in this song which talks about the morning after a passionate night. The two of you will never want to leave your bed after hearing this one, and it will stick in your head for sure.

8“Breakfast in Bed”- Train

A slow paced, sensual song that says to every woman what you probably can’t, “Breakfast in Bed” is a simmering, sexual song that can turn up the heat on any night. While Train was cranking out hit, this song was largely ignored.

7“When A Man Loves A Woman” – Michael Bolton

Michael Bolton’s classic song has strained the voices of men around the world for decades. This song owes its staying power to the beautiful lyrics as much as the singing voice. Not only is this song romantic, but it is downright sensual.

6“More Than Anyone” Gavin DeGraw

The refrain “I’m gonna love you more than anyone” has made many women weak at their knees. The song is kind of minimalist in the music department, but has really dramatic swells that are perfect for romance.

5“We Found Love” – Rihanna

A modern love song that has a very simple refrain, this song is still poignant. It emphasizes that people find love in unlikely and downright difficult places. While this song is not going to win any awards for its lyrics, it will still resonate will you.

4“I’ll Make Love To You”- Boyz II Men

Another song that gets right to the point, “I’ll Make Love To You” tells you exactly what is on your mind. This song is perfect for couples that are looking to get busy and have fun with one another with something fun in the background.

3“Endless Love” – Diana Ross and Lionel Richie

If you are looking for a song that makes you believe in love again, then “Endless Love” is that song. This famous song features two of the best vocalists of the decade professing their love for one another. There is no better song to end the night than this!

2“Make You Feel My Love”- Adele

If you are trying to find the perfect song to tell your date how you feel, “Make You Feel My Love” is perfect. The lyrics tell you all about the depths that would go to so you can be with the person you love. It is perfect for that couple that has a deep affection for one another.

1“Fearless”- Taylor Swift

Have you ever felt that youthful “head over heels” kind of love? It doesn’t matter if you are young or old, this song is perfect for talking about that kind of love that makes you want to dance anywhere you want.

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