10 Free Songs You Need To Download

10 Free Songs

Once a week (or more often if we’re feeling frisky) Overblown gathers together the best free music we’ve uncovered that week all in one place for your downloading convenience. Think of us as the Kwiki Mart of music downloads, a vending machine of aural pleasure, a takeaway of tuneful melody. Enjoy!


Phone Home – ‘Bean’

Let’s be entirely fair here, post-rock has been done to death. The most adventurous bands of the genre are past their best, and the newcomers are often derivative of second tier bands from the first wave. This is what makes Phone Home particularly interesting. Just quirky enough to stand out from the typical post-rock template, this New York based duo create an ethereal, synthy sound that builds on an already well traveled template to create something fresh.


Janelane – Peaches and Cream EP

Janelane claim to be “4 dweebs from the yr 3000”, and there is certainly something dweeby about the LA based quartet’s indie pop/rock shtick. ‘Mary Jane (You’re Much Too Special To Me Mine)’ has a delightful 60s pop rock vibe. Very endearing. Meanwhile, ‘Killing Time’ jangles its away around a vocal melody straight from a 90s alternative rock songbook.


Daddy Issues – ‘So Hard’

While I’m not a huge fan of the band name Daddy Issues (little creepy!), it’s difficult not to love this North Carolina based quartet’s surfy pop rock. In a way, this track is quite a subversive number. Where in the past we had Robert Plant exhorting some young lady to squeeze his lemon, we now have Lo Davy singing, “thinking about my love / dripping down your thighs” to her lover. Like Chastity Belt’s ‘Cool Slut‘, the track says, “Hey! Girls can have sex too!”


Fine Animal – ‘Old Dollar’

Here are Fine Animal, hailing from Columbus, Ohio and provided some pretty chilled indie pop. A moody track, ‘Old Dollar’ trudges along through a mass of plinks and plonks. Combining the archaic with the new, the track samples ‘Old Dollar Mamie’, recorded in 1947 at the Lambert Camp at the Mississippi State Penitentiary, also known as Parchman Farm. Dreamy stuff.


EUROTRXSH – ‘Swallow Song (Casper The Trendy Ghost)’

As I may have previously mentioned, I love me some lo-fi anything. Something that sounds like it was recorded in someone’s shitty bedroom really engenders an intimacy that is both endearing and disarming. This debut track from Emily Ritter’s solo project EUROTRXSH is a delicate, simple, and brief track about loss and grief. More effective than any power ballad over emoting about faux pain, the track proves what you can do with three chords and a heart.


Molo – ‘About Time’

Molo is the London based electronica project of duo Marc dos Santos David and Sylvester Meighan. ‘About Time’ is a tense, jittery late night jam that is also oddly both danceable and introspective. Perfect for some warehouse at 5am in Shoreditch.


April – ‘Happy Birthday, Lauren Conrad’

I have absolutely no idea who Lauren Conrad is, but if I received this delicate piece of piano led ambiance for my birthday I would be pretty damn chuffed. If you have any love for ambient music in the vein of Olafur Arnalds or A Winged Victory for the Sullen, I swear you will fucking love this.


Helicalin – ‘Why Everyting So Stoned?’

Russia is not really a place I would expect to be producing avant garde jazz, but here are Helicalin proving me wrong. ‘Why Everyting So Stoned?’ is a laid back exploration of jazz organ and splashy drums. I imagine our protagonist prowling the streets of Moscow as this track makes it feel more like New York.


Double Denim – ‘Wide Open’

More lofi bedroom pop here from Bristol’s Double Denim. This track sounds like it exists somehwere between C86 and Captured Tracks. It’s coming out as a limited edition 7″ on Art Is Hard Records, a label always willing to push new bands that they think are worthwhile. Perhaps the best indie label in Britain.

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