5 Albums That Changed My Life: Drawstring

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As we all know, a drawstring is a string in the material of a bag that can be pulled to tighten or close the bag. The kinda thing that kids use for their P.E. kit. It’s an apt name for this Kent emo duo as their music is loose, freewheeling and very open. One assumes their drawstring is never tightened. Now, with that tenuous and laborious metaphor out of the way, we’re happy to say that we had a good chat with the chaps about five albums that changed their lives. Forever.

Check out their UK tour dates below and read all about their favourite albums!

4 – Giessen, Germany @ AK44
5 – Hannover, Germany @Stampf
6 – Hamburg, Germany @ Rote Flora
7 – Berlin, Germany @ XB
9 – Wurzburg, Germany @ Cairo
10 – Gorinchem, The Netherlands @ Podium Gorcum

UK Tour with Eat Me

23- House Show, S015 2BR, Southampton
24 – Sticky Mike’s – Brighton
25 – No Seatbelt DIY – Exeter
26 – Stag and Hounds – Bristol
27 – Gringo’s Tequila Bar – Norwich

5. Seahaven – Winter Forever

(Ben:) Although I don’t listen to it as much anymore, this album definitely opened my eyes in terms of writing music. It made me realise I didn’t have to smash the shit out of my drums all the time to write a good song. Not only did it make me a better musician but it carries with it some great memories (watching them at Underworld for the first time). Great lyrics, great rhythms and great harmonies…great album.

4. You Me At Six – Sinners Never Sleep/Hold Me Down

(Ben:) Another couple I haven’t dared to listen to in a long time. These albums introduced me to “emotional” rock music. I only really listened to them to impress a girl at school when I was 14, but I actually ended up quite liking them and I think if I hadn’t listened to them, I wouldn’t have developed the emotional side to my songwriting that is constantly heard in drawstring songs.

3. Bon Iver – For Emma, Forever Ago

(Sam:) I first listened to this album about two years ago in the middle of winter, and every song on it has been in my head ever since. I can never accurately describe the way this album makes me feel when I listen to it, but I will always get shivers up my spine when i hear his falsetto. Justin Vernon is an amazing songwriter who has a way with words like no one else.

2. Seahaven – Reverie Lagoon

(Sam:) When this album was released, I had recently started listening to Seahaven. This completely blew me away and was like nothing i had ever heard before. it has influenced my playing style and songwriting style, and i even made my own bootleg tape of it (sorry RFC). It’s an album that i will never get bored of, and one that will grow old with me and i will always remember for being with me on so many journeys and lessons in my teenage life.

1. Nouns – Still

(Both:) Best album ever. That’s literally it. Nah, just kidding.We found this band online about 2 years ago and thought they were pretty strange with their first album. Then their second album came out and we didn’t listen for a while until around August in 2014. It’s the most powerful, raw and down to earth album we’ve ever heard. Lyrically it is genius and psychotic in equal measure, with harsh and incredibly tight songwriting accompanying. Every song has a different personality and the way the album plays out is incredibly clever. The most under-appreciated band there is.

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