5 Albums That Inspired ‘Cut Love Pt. 1’ by Hayden Calnin

hayden calnin cut love

Cut Love Pt. 1  Is Out March 4th.

Hayden Calnin, a singer songwriter out of Australia who sounds like a mixture of Justin Vernon and Chet Faker, has the first part of a double album coming out on March 4th. The enterprise promises to be an ambitious and captivating affair. We decided to chat to the young man about the albums that have captivated him. Unsurprisingly, they are nakedly vulnerable, beautiful and engrossing. Listen to the first track to be taken from the album above.

Read and listen to his selections below.

5. m83 – Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming (2011)

The one album I just keep coming back to get into my ears. m83 are pretty much my idols when it comes to taking you into another world through sound.

4. S. Carey – Range Of Light (2014)

This album is perfect, understated and deserves world attention. S. Carey’s way of singing and expressing his emotion is one of a kind and it has definitely influenced my songwriting and the way I try to tell a story.

3. Daughter – If You Leave (2013)

I guess I love this album because Daughter have a similar writing style to me. At least that’s how I feel. I always tend to listen to Daughter’s songs and always think the classic ‘Damn I wish I’d written that’.

2. Joey Bada$$ – B4.DA.$$ (2015)

The greatest album of the decade in my opinion. I’ve found over the last 2 years I’ve been getting heavily into Hip Hop and this boy is king and certainly played a part in influencing the creation of my album. Tasty beats and minimalist. Just where my ears are comfiest.

1. The Low Anthem – What The Crow Brings (2007)

The way The Low Anthem place their instruments throughout their songs is what I love about this album. The sounds that they get out of their instruments is unique and admirable.

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