5 Songs We Loved This Week | 15th December 2017

5 songs we loved this week

This is simple. We love these songs. You should listen and tell us what you think of them.

Let me also point out that this is not necessarily focused on new songs. Just what we’ve been listening to and loving this week.

In Lights – ‘Om Namah Shivaya’

So this is the Hindu Mantra of Redemption set to hard rock/prog metal. Good times. So expect some Tool flourishes, there’s some post-rock, there’s some chugging and some strings. Can’t go wrong really. The track is taken from In Lights’ seven track new album This Is How We Exist. The song acts as the climax of the album, drawing together all the disparate elements that make the record such a success.

Klangriket – ‘Leidseplein’

So, the Leidseplein is a square in central Amsterdam. I did not know that. This neo-classical tune is a piano and strings combo that seems to include some field recordings too. I’m guessing they’re from the Leidseplein. The result is a soothing and melancholic atmosphere that evokes heading home sober and sombre after a night out in a big city. Or maybe that interpretation just reflects my current mood. Any road, the song is a gentle and forlorn number than calls to mind Olafur Arnalds in all his delicacy and beauty.

Amparo – ‘Balderbash’

The word ‘amparo’ means ‘shelter’ or ‘protection’ in Portogeuese and Spanish. This is apt, as this swirling and hypnotic instrumental prog rock track is warm, lush and womb like. Furthermore, I love the word ‘balderdash’. It is not used enough and sounds like a dodgy old game released on PS1 back in the day. Oh how I miss PS1 and the golden gun. Anyway, I digress. Let this enevelop you.

Lares – ‘The GodMachine’

What are the words I’m looking for? Ah, yes. Thick, lush, and tense. That’s ‘The GodMachine’ from German psych/prog/metal outfit Lares. This is a swirling and slow burn of a track that eschews the wimpy tendencies of the revivalist nature of modern psych to explore a more full bodied and imposing version that is sprinkled with hard rock and metal. Then it all descends into a kind of post-metal cacophony replete with death metal vocals. Ace.

651 – ‘Westview’

This is heavy as fuck and as raw as sushi. A very oddly mixed combination of vintage pop punk with a more aggressive alternative metal, 651 remind one of the music landscape at the turn of the century. It turns out I was 15 in 2000 and so will eternally love that musical period for better or for worse. So there. For reference, if 651 existed in 2000, they would be equally welcome at Ozzfest or the Warped Tour. Enjoy.

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