5 Songs We Loved This Week | 26th January 2018

5 songs we loved this week

This is simple. We love these songs. You should listen and tell us what you think of them.

Let me also point out that this is not necessarily focused on new songs. Just what we’ve been listening to and loving this week.

Banzai Cliff – ‘Too Young To Die’

It is a bit of an audatious move to delve head strong into The Ramones love of fuzzy rock ‘n’ roll but that’s precisely what Banzai Cliff are up to. What’s surprising is that it really, really works. Hailing from Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands, Banzai Cliff also professes a love for Cyndi Lauper so hopefully there’s a bit of variety in their approach. What can be assured, is a love for melody. New album Hypothetical Love is out March 18th. Also, that’s a chorus and a half.

Rosie Tucker – ‘Spinster Cycle’

Have you ever broken up with someone in a laundromat? No, neither have I. Rosie Tucker has though. She then used the experience to write a song and a delightfully tongue in cheek extended metaphor. This is all wrapped up in the kind of twee, slacker rock vibe that is not a million miles removed from the likes of Frankie Cosmos. The result is a charming and melancholic song that manages to be heart felt but also amusing. It’ll feature on her upcoming EP.

Jesse Q-T and Friends – ‘Protect Your Heart’

Yes, it is important to protect your heart. Well pointed out Jesse Q-T and Friends. What is more important is to protect the hearts of others. You literally have no idea the impact you are having on others. Until it is too late to fix it, in my opinion. But I digress. ‘Protect Your House’ is a fascinating alt folk number that eschews traditional song structures and instrumentation in favour of being odd and wonderful. More power to them.

Melentini – ‘Satellites’

Here’s some glorious ambiance combined with an otherworldly vocal. A delicate and considered number, the track reverberates with an intense gentleness. If that makes sense. Think Bjork at her most reflective. Her most ‘All Is Full Of Love’. The track is the first single from the intriguingly titled ZRSHA; Fundus Uterus. Here’s the back story from Melentini: “Fundus Uterus, in Latin is a terminology used in Anatomy. With this work I wanted to describe the violent feeling of severance from the mother’s placenta, the exhaustion from the brutality of being, the wounds of love. At the same time, it is an hymn to the womb of the universe , to the nostalgia of returning there, to the redemption of barbarity, to the memories of a unique planet called ZRSHA, an existential revelation on the parallel worlds, that is to say, that you are sitting here, while multiple versions of you could exist in the same room. Some lyrics are in the language of Zarshian. The whole album clearly presents an emotional testimony that has deep references to the work of my beloved writer Virginia Woolf. This is the core of creating my new album”.

teflon (τεφλόν) – ‘freon’

Swirling. Hypnotic. Repetitive. Greek post-rock outfit teflon (τεφλόν) provide all thos on new track ‘freon’. Delving from the melancholic to the hopeful, the track is a slowly developing gem that calls to mind a slowly blooming flower. The result is a slightly unnerving, but always beautiful number. There’s also a wonderfully endearing lo-fi vibe to the track which means that while the song is expansive and ambitious, it is grounded in reality. Bravo.

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