5 Songs We Loved This Week | 7th April 2017

5 songs we loved this week

This is simple. We love these songs. You should listen and tell us what you think of them.

1. Feist – ‘Century’ feat. Jarvis Cocker

Two reasons. On this track, Feist employs a dirty PJ Harvey blues rock stomp. Furthermore, Pulp frontman Jarvis Cocker makes an appearance towards the end of the track. Who can complain about these things?

Feist’s new album Pleasure is out on April 28th via Interscope Records.

2. Yowie – ‘Ineffable Dolphin Communion’

The thing that’s grabbing us here is that this is a heftily complex math rock jam but it’s raw as a really raw thing. Frantic and uncompromising, essentially this is the most batshit crazy bit of proggy, mathy instrumental rock that we’ve heard, well, maybe ever.

Yowie’s new album Synchromysticism is out April 21st via Skin Graft Records. Pre-order it via Bandcamp.

3. Psychic Teens – ‘Sicko’

A moody and fuzzy track, ‘Sicko’ is a swirling beast that’s strength lies in how rock solid the rhythm section is in contrast to the fuzz and feedback of the guitar. The prayer-like monotone delivery of the lyrics is another win in a track that is hypnotic and entrancing.

Psychic Teens’ new EP HEX is out on 21 April via, get this, Hex Records. Snap!

4. BooHoohoo – ‘Fire’

Is this funk punk? Whatever it is, it should be in everyone’s life. Glaswegian trio BooHooHoo’s latest track possesses such a phat bass-line that it could squash Dwayne Johnson. This one could be played at every club from an indie night to the poppiest of the pop nights.

‘Fire’ is out today via Last Night From Glasgow.

5. Diet Cig – ‘Maid of the Mist’

Fuzz pop punk duo Diet Cig released their debut album Swear I’m Good At This and it’s a belter. Taking their signature lo-fi enthusiasm and polishing it up just a tad, they’ve somehow managed to make their sound even more endearing. Now with added synth.

Order their album via Bandcamp.

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