5 Songs We Loved This Week | 10th November 2017

5 songs we loved this week

This is simple. We love these songs. You should listen and tell us what you think of them.

Let me also point out that this is not necessarily focused on new songs. Just what we’ve been listening to and loving this week.

Plïnkï Plønkï – ‘Happy Birthday Emily’

Plïnkï Plønkï is very aptly named. A purveyor of tender and restrained neo-classical piano music in the vein of Olafur Arnalds, this is mournful and delicate music that is as whimisical as it is musical. This is the one man project of an English chap who is also working on a Christmas EP creatively titled Christmas. Let this wash over your hangover and lull you into a false sense of security about everything being okay. It’s not okay. But it will be for this afternoon.

Vowws – ‘Forget Your Finery’

This here is a sonic blast of propulsive post-punk tinged with just a pinch of goth. An American duo, they combine eerie and melodic flourishes with a knack for driving your face into the back of your head. This here be the first single from their upcoming record Under The World, which is set to be released in February on Anti-Language Records. This one makes me want to dance. But then also smash bottles of beer against the wall and piss in the sink.

Sokol – ‘Contact’

It’s all about that spoken word part. It reminds me of ‘The Dead Flag Blues’ by Godspeed You! Black Emporer. And goddamit I love that song. This is a bit more accessible, as the music delves more into a simple and mournful piano led indie pop type track that is soaring and gorgeous. SOKOL crowdfunded the video for this track. “So what?” I hear you think (I can hear you think). I get you, but he crowdfunded it completely offline. I dig his endeavour.

Blaketheman1000 – ‘Vegan’

Want the most romantice line ever written in a song? Here it is: “That afternoon / I was with the guys / They were watching football / But I was thinking about your thighs.” That’s pretty beautiful in my opinion. These words are wrapped up into a twee and lo-fi alt folk number that is one of those endearingly charming songs about being stupidly in love. I’ll make it simple for you. If you like Daniel Johnston, then more than likely this is right up your wierdo, loser alley.

Collapse Under The Empire – ‘The Forbidden Spark’

Let’s finish off with some rousing and beautiful post-rock. I’m on a bit of a post-rock binge recently and Hamburg duo Collapse Under The Empire are filling that gap for me quite nicely. Heading in an Explosions in the Sky vein on recent single, ‘The Forbidden Spark’ is one that aims right for the heart and doesn’t mess about. A soaring piece that slowly builds into a beautiful climax, it is a dramatic and delightful adventure into many solid post-rock trops. Good job.

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