5 Songs We Loved This Week | 27th October 2017

5 songs we loved this week

This is simple. We love these songs. You should listen and tell us what you think of them.

Let me also point out that this is not necessarily focused on new songs. Just what we’ve been listening to and loving this week.

The Hague – ‘Bear’

Do you know what always goes down well of a Friday? Math tinged emo punk. That’s exactly what Portland, Oregon’s The Hauge serve up on ‘Bear’. Combining a lo-fi and raw production style with wiggly fiddly riffs, an impassioned vocal performance, and heartfelt melodies, the song is a joyful and slightly melancholic blast. It is gleaned from their upcoming self-titled single, which also has a track called ‘Globes’ on it. It is also fantastic.

Bike Thiefs – ‘Was I At Least Funny?’

Mississauga, Ontario outfit Bike Thiefs are part of that recent rock movement that seems to be determined to careen away from the wishy washy shite that’s been dominating for years to head in a more aggressive, raw, and frankly, engrossing direction. Raw, driving, and distorted, their latest track ‘Was I At Least Funny?’ is basically a rant set over thunderous riffs and pummeling drums. This is Girl Band meets METZ. And yes, it’s as good as that sounds. Check out their latest EP, Lean Into It.

Calming River – ‘Anniversary’

Ever wonder what it would sound like if some group of pioneering individuals melded folk and post rock? Nope. Me neither. But that is exactly what Danish singer/songwriter Calming River is up to on new track ‘Anniversary’. Based on a simple but emotive plucked guitar piece, the track gently incorporates swirling feedback and ambiance giving the song a feeling of Sigur Ros on acoustic guitars. Captivating and possessing significant emotional heft, the track is immediately arresting and essentially beautiful. Find more on Bandcamp.

Idan Altman – ‘Over And Out’

Idan Altman is without a shadow of a doubt one of my favourite folk musicians doing the rounds at the moment. He crafts expansive and ambitious pieces that stretch out into space unconcerned with convention and silly things like concise running times. His music aims to lull the listener into hypnosis rather than batter into submission and it is all the better for it. Check out his latest album, Expiration Date, it is stunning. Just stunning.

Brunch – ‘The Table’

This is one for all you lovers of 90’s alternative rock. Slightly out of key vocals, fuzz fueled guitars, melancholic melodies, and lots of goddamn energy. This is one for every one who remembers being miserable in college. There’s a definite college vibe here for sure. For me, it calls to mind being really down and just thinking, “Fuck it. Let’s go to the pub.” As we know, alcohol solves all of lifes problems. As does 90s tinged alternative rock. Check out their new album, Useless, on Bandcamp.

Papillon De Nuit – ‘Sicilia’

Finishing things off is some rather beautiful and atmospheric neo classical. It seems to me many neo classical composers go the Olafur Arnalds route of completely minimal piano pieces. These are often beautiful, but it is refreshing to hear Papillon De Nuit head into more expansive territory with ‘Sicilia’. Incorporating gentle synth work to drive the track, piano remains the focus. However, the feel of the track is somewhat more upbeat and, while melancholic, possesses an undenaible sense of hope. Which we can all do with sometime.

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