5 Songs We Loved This Week | 20th October 2017

5 songs we loved this week

This is simple. We love these songs. You should listen and tell us what you think of them.

Let me also point out that this is not necessarily focused on new songs. Just what we’ve been listening to and loving this week.

The Feral Young – ‘Go’

For me, there’s not enough anger and aggression in modern rock music. Pitchfork seems to have fallen in love with wishy washy, jingle jangle. Which is fine. In moderation. Finnish four piece The Feral Young seem to be on a bit of a mission to rectify this situation. Playing a raw, ferocious, and yet melodic brand of noise rock tinged with alternative rock, the group are just dripping with visceral anger and propulsive catharsis. ‘Failures’ sees them head down territory that is currently occupied by the likes of METZ, WHORES. and the likes. They’ve a three song EP coming out next month. We’ve heard it. You won’t be disappointed.

Blind Mess – ‘Crach’

What we’ve got here is some very old school stoner rock. Expect big chunky, fuzzy riffs, rumbling bass, and powerful, full lunged vocals. Calling to mind the likes of Kyuss, Monster Magnet, and Fu Manchu, they mine a very primal version of stoner rock. There’s no messing around here. Their self titled debut album is out now and sees them expand on their stoner rock sound to include songs tinged with punk, metal, and classic rock. It fills one with hope.

Otherkin – ‘Treat Me So Bad’

I’ve been saying it for ages. The rock scene in Ireland is thriving. Otherkin, along with the likes of Bitch Falcon and the super strong instrumental rock scene, show that Ireland still has a knack for churning out rock bands filled with youthful vigour and attitude. The thing about Otherkin is that their music is always filled with more energy than a Duracell bunny and more melodies than a Simon and Garfunkel songwriting competition. ‘Treat Me So Bad’ is no exception. It’s a careening, boisterous, and catchy track that is just too much fun. Also, catch them live. You will not be disappointed.

Noiseheads – ‘Me, Myself, and I’

Ever miss post-grunge? I do. At the time it was derided. But for me, it had its merits in its very basic, angsty approach. Luckily, power trio Noiseheads also seem to be on board with me. ‘Me, Myself, and It’ definitely heads for that territory. Big guitars, an over the top vocal, and lyrics about acting dumb and going to work, the track explores than confusion that we all feel. All the time. That numbing feeling that renders all your effort pointless as it is always too late to fix your fuck ups. Good times.

Broken Baby – ‘Don’t Be Rude’

Hailing from LA, Broken Baby sport a brand of post punk that is imbued with a confrontational attitude and a driving propulsion. Their debut EP, simply titled EP, was recorded in just two weeks and is apparently crafted from “failed relationships, both romantic and musical”. ‘Don’t Be Rude’ is full of an excellently snotty attitude with lyrics about how women are treated as objects by many men, and expected by them to just sit there and be pretty. Am I crazy, or is there something extremely Sleater-Kinney about their approach? Undoubtedly, that is a compliment. Powerful stuff.

The Duke of Norfolk – ‘An Anarchist & An Architect’

Let’s finish things off with something a bit more restrained and subdued. Having said that, this tense and taut folk number from The Duke of Norfolk is a song filled with a sense of foreboding, synthetic flourishes, and an impassioned vocal performance that means it sits above the often weak and turgid modern indie folk that often rises to the surface these days. This is folk that explores and expands with oblique imagery and an actually inventive musical approach. In short, this ain’t Mumford and Sons. This is folk with personality and artistry.

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