5 Songs We Loved This Week | 29th September 2017

5 songs we loved this week

This is simple. We love these songs. You should listen and tell us what you think of them.

Let me also point out that this is not necessarily focused on new songs. Just what we’ve been listening to and loving this week.

1. Sweaty Palms- ‘Queer Fatwa’

Two reasons this song is here. The chord change in the song sounds like the main theme from Batman and Robin from 1997. Seriously. Give it a go. And the term ‘Queer Fatwa’ is gloriously provocative. Named after the Jon Ronson book ‘Them’, it is a direct quote from the book. It deals with extremism of all kinds. This is some off the hinge punk on top of that. Good times.

2. Max García Conover – ‘Abigail For A While’

This song makes me depressed. Play it again, will you?

3. Go Pound Salt – ‘Build It Back’

This is here because I love Superchunk, The Replacements, and Husker Du. This track sounds like a contemporary of those bands, not a pretender. Which makes me happy deep inside my soul.

4. Jameson Nathan Jones – ‘What Dreams May Come’

Melancholic and foreboding, this track of ambient beauty from Jameson Nathan Jones immediately attached itself to me and began burrowing under my skin. Mournful, beautiful, and tense, it unfolds slowly like the life of a child. All the while there’s something beautiful and tragic in the development. Glorious.

5. NRVS LVRS – ‘Rich Man’

Let’s have something up beat to finish off. There’s a fine mixture of punk and electro going on here. Group vocals and shining synths. Catchy like a bugger and I love the lines about not wanting to be drunk any more. Amen.

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