5 Songs We Loved This Week | 23rd June 2017

5 songs we loved this week

This is simple. We love these songs. You should listen and tell us what you think of them.

Let me also point out that this is not necessarily focused on new songs. Just what we’ve been listening to and loving this week.

1. Surburban Haze – ‘Overhang’

Some very 90’s alternative rock over here. Calling to mind the likes of Nirvana and Alice in Chains, the explores drugs apparently. Paul Graham from the band explains, “”The song is mostly focused on the effects of MDMA with the first verse representing the high and the second the come down. Meanwhile, the choruses focus on the idea that you are essentially taking a loan of happiness when you take the drug that has to be paid back with interest.”

2. Duncan Lloyd – ‘Heart in Delay’

Some hazy, propulsive shoegaze over here from Maximo Park guitarist Duncan Lloyd. As pretty and dreamy as it is, the track also has a drive that can be sometimes sadly missing from much shoegaze. Adding a nice female voice to the track is Eternal Summers’ Nicole Yun whose lilt is a nice counterpoint to Lloyd’s deeper delivery. A summer song.

3. The Howl & The Hum – ”Godmanchester Chinese Bridge’

Here’s some cathartic and earnest York four-piece The Howl & The Hum. There’s a real sense of loss, anger, and regret in this one. Basically it seems the speaker in the song has lost his love as she has moved to the city. Selfishly she hopes she’ll fail there so she’ll return to him. He’ll be waiting. The video is equally beautifully sad. Featuring footage that singer Sam found of his long passed grandparents’ golden wedding anniversary, it reminds one of how fleeting and temporary all this is.

4. Casavettes – ‘Reunion’

And so on to the post rock/post hardcore mix up cacophony of Irish group Casavettes. ‘Reunion’ with it’s soaring and angry choruses counterbalanced with intimate and tender verses, draws a perfect balance between expansion and isolation. The lo-fi nature of the track is equally endearing as guitar’s fuzz and thunder with a potency that can often be stolen from music that is produced to within an inch of its life.

5. Youth On Soda – ‘APPLE PIE’

Finally onto the avant garde noise inflecked alternative rock of Youth on Soda. Marrying snotty, bratty vocals with a penchant for feedback drenched guitar work and a touch of a lilting female background vocal to take the edge off a little, the track possesses an unnerving tension that pretty much keeps the listener off balance for the duration. Quality stuff.

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