5 Top Tricks To Promote Your Music

Let’s face it; getting your music heard is half the fun of being a musician. We all love writing and recording. Still, there’s something immensely rewarding about changing someone’s life through your tracks. After all, music possesses this capability unlike any other feature.

Besides, building a fan base could be the key to turning your passion into a career. So, here are five of the best ways to get your music out there.

Create Videos

Music videos have been big business for many years. And you no longer need to be on the music channels to get your music videos seen. YouTube and social media channels allow you to get the content out for free, encourage users to share them too. Even the creation process can be fairly simple if you opt for a lyrics video. Alternatively, you could team up with local student filmmakers, actors, and fashion designers. The low budget video and free uploads are a match made in heaven.

Look For Influencers

Everybody has fond memories of introducing a friend to new music. Likewise, there’s something very special about discovering an artist through someone else. In today’s climate, those referrals can come from others. Whether it’s finding footballers that love their music, radio DJs, or social media celebs doesn’t matter. Asking them to share your music to their followers will open the gateway to an entirely new listenership. This is a great way to organically grow.

Make CDs

We are living in a digital age, but there’s still something special about holding a physical CD, vinyl, or tape. The former is the most affordable and practical option by far. Publishing a professional looking CD is easy with services like Pure Music. Whether you plan to sell them or hand out promotional freebies at gigs is up to you. Either way, getting your music out to the fans in a physical capacity can change the whole situation. If nothing else, you’ll feel like a genuine artist.

Offer It To TV Producers

There are plenty of film scenes that remind us of a certain song. Dirty Dancing, Rocky, Star Wars, and Armageddon are just some of the examples. If you can get your music played on an iconic piece of TV, it will stick with people for years. Better still, people can now drag up details of your song by simply heading to Google. When they do, there’s a good chance they will consider listening to other tracks that you’ve produced. Offering your music free of charge to filmmakers can work wonders.


Music is one of the few businesses where you aren’t really in competition with those around you. People buying your music doesn’t stop them from buying someone else’s and vice versa. As such, collaboration can be a great way to build your fan bases in a mutually beneficial manner. The joint projects are a great way to test the waters in slightly different genres. Services like Spinnup make it easy. For diversifying your audience as well as your content, this is the ideal solution.