Telegram Share ‘Taffy Come Home’

Telegram streamed their new single, ‘Taffy Come Home’, last Friday (27th November), and announced that their debut album, Operator, will be released in early February. The single will be released on 22nd January 2016 on their own GramGram label.

The band were first noticed within months of forming in 2013 when BBC 6 Music’s Marc Riley was so impressed by a phone recording they sent to their pal Charlie Boyer, of the Voyeurs, that he invited them on to do a session. Wisely, they chose not to rush into recording an album, instead spending time putting in the hard yards touring the UK in support of Temples and others.

The time spent honing their craft seems to have done them no harm at all. ‘Taffy Come Home’ is a bouncing slab of psych rock with a strong bass line, over which frontman Matt Saunders implores Taffy to return swiftly in one of the stronger Welsh accents you’re ever likely to hear. There will be a full UK tour following the album release, for a list of dates click here.

‘Taffy Come Home’ is out on 7″ single on 22nd Jan 2016. Order it here

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