A Copy For Collapse – Grey Sunday (Proxy Remix) – Overblown Video Premiere

A copy for collapse grey sunday proxy remix


Today we are pleased to present you a double-exclusive – first, we’ve got the premiere of a brilliant new video from A Copy For Collapse, a celebrated Italian electronic artist who recently released his second LP ‘Waiting For’, along with a full EP for the second single ‘Grey Sunday’ [via No Sense of Place]. Second, we are offering an in-depth behind-the-scenes snapshot of the making of this video, directed by Andrea Corsini and produced by MT FRAME, with Diego Veneziano as cinematographer. It stars Alessandro Mor in a strange cyclically repeating attempted escape from one’s own fate, in which he encounters aging and death.

“I had the idea for this video clip, as it often happens, thanks to the combination of images and suggestions. The first time that I listened to the song I imagined a man running away from something in a hallway in an infinite motion. Then I asked myself the following questions: who is he running from and where is he? The answer to the first question is probably in the video clip,” says Director Andrea Corsini.

“For the location I immediately liked the idea of the contrast between a techno song and the rigid surrounding of an eighteenth century mansion. Concerning the aesthetic level, thanks to the great job of the cinematographer Diego Veneziano, we worked with a scale of primary colours that contrast with each other, and with a heavily and overtly exasperated use of vfx. All makeup effects were realized on set by Elisa Ferranti following 5 different stage of aging.”

This is not the first time Corsini has worked with A Copy For Collapse. Corsini also directed the treacherous video for the original version of the ‘Grey Sunday’ track. “Working with Daniele is always stimulating for those who do my job. I often find myself conditioned to ideas and rules from labels, which limit the creative process. Instead Daniele apparently gives free rein, even though he himself is a very good expert in tone and aesthetics and we often talk about references and inspirations,” explains Corsini.

Andrea Corsini on set.

Daniele Raguso took his A Copy For Collapse project on tour across western Russia and the Baltic states in August-September, which ultimately landed him in the latest edition of Rolling Stone Russia, who have painted him as a “sombre and under-celebrated activist of electric music’s twilight”. The former Soviet Union is not insignificant in ACFC’s history, having become renowned for his remixes of key Russian shoegazers Aerofall and prominent Ukraine dreampop duo Ummagma. It is also here in Mother Russia that Raguso found a fellow protagonist for this latest EP – electronic maven Proxy, who has delivered a jaw-dropping remix of ‘Grey Sunday’ – the very track we present you above.

But that’s it for Russia this year. When asked about further plans for 2015, we learned that A Copy for Collapse will continue to tour Italy this autumn, but are also planning a European Tour, with possible dates in the USA in 2016. Perhaps even Japan if Raguso gets his way.

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