A Shoreline Dream – ‘Time Is A Machine Gun’ (Overblown Track Premiere)

a shoreline dream time is a machine gun

Following up on their fourth album ‘The Silent Sunrise’, US progressive shoegazers A Shoreline Dream present their new single ‘Time is a Machine Gun’. A Shoreline Dream are Ryan Policky on Vocals, Guitar, Keys, Samples, and Erik Jeffries on Guitar.

We love the flow, the soothing voice, the layering of instruments and vocals, and all that spaciousness – this is made of some of the things we like most in stoner rock, dream pop, shoegaze and prog-tinted postrock. After all, this song does seem somewhat of a mesh between these particular genres, and a tasty one at that.

Perhaps best known for their various collaborations with Ulrich Schnauss, A Shoreline Dream has collaborated with this German electronic wunderkind on several occasions, including on the ‘NeverChanger’ EP and the ‘Recollections Of Memory’ LP, in addition to a U.S. west tour together. That latter album also involved producer Mark Kramer (Low / Joy Zipper / Galaxie 500).

So this is a band with a pretty solid history, not some fresh gang of young punks wondering if their amazing music is going to get them to the top 10 in alternative charts (do such charts even exist?). But where has all their successes taken them?

Originating & recording in Denver, Colorado, internationally renowned shoegaze / dreampop radio station DKFM charted “The Silent Sunrise” as the top #15 Best Single of 2014. A Shoreline Dream also ranked in the CMJ Top 200 for a fair bit in 2012. Apart from a special guest appearance at the 2009 SXSW Ulrich Schnauss showcase and their own appearances at SXSW and Midpoint Music Festival later, each of their releases has been met with critical acclaim, including features in Wired.com, Filter Magazine, The Big Takeover, and PopMatters.

A Shoreline Dream will also go down in history as the last band to tour with shoegaze legends Chapterhouse, unless they follow suit with many of the other classic shoegaze bands who have reformed in the past few years. That happened during their 2010 reunion tour while playing in San Francisco.

Their latest single “Time is a Machine Gun” will be released on October 16 through the band’s own home brewed label “Latenight Weeknight Records”.

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