A Tree Grows – ‘Wau-Wau Water’ | Overblown Track Premiere

‘Wau-Wau Water’ is out November 25th via Rufftone Records.

Employing a slight funk and groove on new single ‘Wau-Wau water’, Brooklyn-based jazz group A Tree Grows create a smooth atmosphere that sounds both improvised and yet focused conjuring images of smoky bars and sultry late nights. It’s taken from their upcoming self-titled EP. Interestingly, each piece on the EP has a distinct concept, and focuses on a different aspect of the evolution of the Earth. For instance, ‘Wau-Wau Water’ is based on the following concept: “Enzymes are forming in a prehistoric ocean – evolving into bacteria. A stew of life is brewing, the cycle starts and intensifies in this patch of fertile Wau-Wau Water.”

The group consists of two brothers, Rashaan Carter (bass) and Russell Carter (drums), along with Emanuel Ruffer (keyboards). Together, they create the foundation over which Tivon Penicott (saxophone) and Duane Eubanks (trumpet) frabricate a wonderfully raw brand of emotive jazz. Their unique and playful approach to the genre means that their sound is extremely seductive and engrossing.

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“It’s inspiring to play in the company of such amazing work. The studio is this incubator for creative energy and it’s nice to absorb that. The space plays an important role in a concert and one that houses and spawns creative work is always welcome.” says bassist Rashaan Carter.

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