Abandoncy – ‘Hollow//Living’ | Album Premiere


Abandoncy’s debut album Hollow//Living is out on August 21st via Zegema Beach Records and The Ghost is Clear Records.

Kansas City, Missouri noise rock trio Abandoncy are bloody savage. Their approach is a barrage of angular, distorted guitars, throat-ripping vocals and, suitably, reckless abandon. Next Friday, the 21st of August, they release their stellar and furious debut album Hollow//Living. Sitting somewhere between Shellac and Fugazi, the record is a nine-song explosion that only lets its foot off the pedal to build to ever higher detonations of fury.

Highlights for us are the opener ‘Nashville Hot’ with its intense and jagged riffing, the eerie and disturbing ‘Mudcrawler’, and the anthemic ‘You’re All of America to Me’.

We are pretty stoked to have the opportunity to share the full album below ahead of its release next week.

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