Abandoncy: New Band of the Day #257


Abandoncy’s debut album Hollow//Living is out on August 21st via Zegema Beach Records and the Ghost is Clear Records.

Who: Damian (guitar/vox), Lincoln: (bass/vox on 1 & 6) and Morgan (drums/percussion/vox on 1).

What: Noise rock.

Where: Kansas City, Missouri.

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Why: What is Abandoncy? Well, it is a completely made up word for starters. It sounds quite real though. It is also the name of a rather tasty noise rock trio out of Kansas City, Missouri. They’re big on the whole DIY thing. Their debut album Hollow//Living was recorded at a local warehouse music venue called Farewell Transmission and the band produced the record themselves. They also created the artwork for the record themselves. It is a picture of a freaky marionette that they uncovered in one of the band members’ houses.


The first single from the album is titled ‘Nashville Hot’. It is a short slice of noise rock fury. Throughout the track is the fascinating angularity of post-rock and some unnerving lyrics, “And I can smell your whiskey smile / I can feel tomorrow’s shiner” which hint at themes of violence and alcoholism. You up for it?

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