Actual Crimes – ‘I Don’t Want To See’ (Overblown Video Premiere)

New Album Ceramic Cat Traces  Out Aug 2016 Via For The Sake Of Tapes.

In 2016, a track like ‘I Don’t Want To See’by lo-fi punks Actual Crimes is extremely apt and relatable. It would seem that at any time that one looks at the news, there is a new terrorist attack somewhere or a military coup or anther country taking a dramatic swing to the right. That’s not even taking into account the horrific things that are undoubtedly happening in ISIS controls areas of the Middle East, and North Korea etc. Often it means that Overblown would simply like to cover our eyes and pretend it is not happening at all.

Cathartic and mournful, the track itself swings from a more angular verse to the scrappy, unkempt plea of the title in the chorus. Kirsty Fife’s vulnerable and cracked vocal grows from a relatively quiet request at the offset of the song to more of an impassioned wail by the denouement of the track. Meanwhile Ruth Mair’s bass and Aaron Batley’s metronomic drums drive the impetus of the track with gusto.

The trio will be playing the Montague Arms in London on August 20th with Witching Waves, Big Joanie, The Ethical Debating Society, Giant Burger, Wolf Girl & Party Traitor. That’s a line up and a half.

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