Album Premiere: Didi – Like Memory Foam

It’s our great pleasure to bring you a double dose of newness from Didi in the form of their new album Like Memory Foam as well as the video from the album’s closing track ‘Beached’. The album is released by the ever wonderful label Damnably on 23rd November. Here’s the video, stream the full album further down this page and don’t skip past that pre-order button.

Didi hail from Columbus, Ohio and this, their second album, demonstrates their deeply personal noise-pop craft. It’s a stunning record, full of twists and turns with a characteristic oddness whilst being entirely approachable at the same time. A few listens later it’ll feel like a new best friend in your world, one you know you can love and trust despite there being something about it that you can’t quite put your finger on.

Like Memory Foam by Didi is released on 23rd November by Damnably

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Image by Hello Hillary Photo