Albums We’re Looking Forward to This Summer

Mammoth WVH

Longtime Overblown staffer Philip Morrissey highlights his most tantalizing albums set to drop this summer.

Rituals of the Dead Hand – With Hoof and Horn [Dunkelheit Productions] | May 1

Rituals of the Dead Hand take the mythos of the infamous Buckriders from the late 18th century and go all the way in. The Buckriders were gangs who terrorized the lowland countries. It is claimed they sold their souls to the devil, rode by night on the backs of goats and pillaged the god fearing. With Hoof and Horn combines that reputation with old school blackened death metal. 

Grey Aura – Zwart Vierkant [Onism Productions] | May 7

These Dutch black metallers bring us a forty minute plus journey into an abstract mental breakdown. The album is loosely based around a novel in which a painter goes down the rabbit hole of abstract art and into the destruction of the physical world around him. It blends many genres to heighten the sense of delirium and estrangement. Zwart Vierkant finds the band operating at their peak a full decade into their career. Mastered by Robert Hobson (A Forest of Stars), it is their best sounding too.

Hot Knives – Making Love To Make Music To Make Love To | May 7

Brooklyn-based rockers Hot Knives are more than a band with a clever album title. They  infuse the vibe of late sixties psych, seventies funk weirdness and nineties alternative into their own beast. Making Love To Make Music To Make Love To is what you get from an outfit who are tight and confident enough to transition from live jams to the studio.

A Certain Ratio – ACR:EPA EP [Mute] | May 7

This forthcoming EP from the Manchester funk/punk legends A Certain Ratio is slightly bitter-sweet. It evolved out of studio sessions with no real idea in mind. Soon, A Certain Ratio realized they had a series of tracks which paid homage to their roots while standing tall with many modern bands. Sadly it’s also the final contribution from their long-term collaborator, Denise Johnstone, before her untimely death. The results are something she would have been proud of. A Certain Ratio are comfortable with their past and legacy, yet not afraid to move forward.

Noctule – Wretched Abyss [Church Road Records] | May 12

The band’s name might be unfamiliar, but the woman behind it shouldn’t be. Noctule is the solo side project of Svalbard vocalist Serena Cherry. Wretched Abyss is a passion project for Cherry’s love of role playing games taking inspiration from Dungeons and Dragons, Norse mythology and the Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. Wretched Abyss is a return to Cherry’s black metal roots.  

Dordeduh – Har [Prophecy Productions] | May 14

The former members of Negurã Bunget push the boundaries of folk and black metal by throwing electronic, progressive rock, gothic and pop elements into the mix for a staggering piece of music. Dordeduh provide a rare musical approach unlike no other. Jens Bogren brings his singular approach to production to make a new milestone for them.

Subterranean Masquerade – Mountain Fever [Sensory Records] | May 14

There is something special about extreme music from the Middle East. Seen up until recently as being just a studio project, Subterranean Masquerade have become an exhilarating live act. They are set to reach new heights on their next release Mountain Fever. Members of Orphaned Land, Melechesh and The Super Things all contributed to the record. Subterranean Masquerade delve deeper into their blend of complex experimentalism and catchy rhythms. The band fosters a sense of belonging through combining Arabic and Western styles.

Gary Numan – Intruder [BMG] | May 21

The synth-rock pioneer has been synonymous with the darker side of affairs throughout his career with his forthcoming work is set to continue in that vein. Intruder is based around a future apocalyptic event where the natural world decides it has had enough of us and fights back against centuries of exploitation. Having grown into an elder statesman of industrial music, Numan continues with his late career revival. Intruder promises plenty of weight and disorientation drawing from the effects of climate change. 

Mdou Moctar – Afrique Victime [Matador Records] | May 21

The Niger based guitarist is set to release another album of sweet and searing guitar lines which take in psychedelic grooves and beats. His newest record, Afrique Victime, explores the history of the exploitation of Western African states by European colonial powers. Mdou Moctar’s entrancing musicianship weaves dreamy soundscapes alongside moving lyrics, sung in both his native tongue and French.

Mammoth WVH – Mammoth WVH [EX1 Records] | June 11

A name and lineage are often hard to compete with, especially when your father is considered one of the greatest guitarists in the history of hard rock. Wolfgang van Halen proved his abilities when touring with a later day version of Van Halen and Tremonti. The young musician flaunts his versatility by performing every instrument on his upcoming self-titled album. It ticks all the boxes for fans of catchy, high-paced rock. 


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