Alcabean – ‘Head Down’ EP | Track by Track


New EP Head Down is out now via We Are Suburban.

Danish purveyors of shoegaze/post punk/emo/alt rock jams Alcabean are something special. They just from style to style on new EP Head Down. The title track has tinges of the alternative metal of Deftones, while ‘Still Remember’ touches on emo and ‘Running’ brings a decidedly post-punk bass riff into the mix.

They’re not copycats though. Each of these songs has the melodies to make them powerful and memorable in their own right. We spoke to the band about the EP, and they took us through each track. Expect mention of Ed Sheeran, brotherly love, and keeping your head down.

1Head Down

First time I wrote a proper “riff“ song. We are not a typical“riff” band and I never intended it to be a hard rock song, but instead, I wanted to transform it into something big, yet atmospheric and beautiful. The biggest inspiration for that one came from listening to a lot of Deftones during that period of my life. The meaning of ‘Head Down’ is in the name. It is about keeping your head down and hiding yourself whether it is about your feelings, opinions or just shying away from others. Pretty early on during the process, we thought of Head Down as the opening track.

2Bloody Pose

‘Bloody Pose’ was one of the first songs I wrote for Alcabean. We recorded it once before, but I didn’t come out as hard-hitting as I wished for. Then we started playing the song again as a four-piece and suddenly the song got more dynamic and felt better to play, so we decided to record it a second time with new surroundings and new band members.

3Still Remember

What I try to do with my songwriting is to combine my love for beautiful melodies and indie rock. I think we succeeded well with that on ‘Still Remember’ with its big and catchy chorus and its powerful energy. If there is one song on Head Down that could get us some airplay I think ‘Still Remember’ is our best shot. It is also one of my favourites for sure and our label liked it very much too and considered it as a single early on.


‘Running’ is one of the more spontaneous moments on the EP. We barely played the song together when we decided to try it in the studio. I wrote the song when I bought a new acoustic guitar which I thought was going to be a normal size acoustic guitar, but when the package came I realize that a had bought a mini acoustic guitar like one of those Ed Sheeran ones and got a little bit disappointed. I was too lazy to send it back and decided to keep it because it sounded okay. I actually became very happy with that guitar after all and started writing songs soon after. I remember playing ‘Running’ a lot with that guitar before showing it to the other guys.

5Biker Song

It’s funny with that song because when I first wrote it I was super excited about recording it, but now when I listen to the recording I don’t feel very strongly about it, sometimes that changes with what kind of mood I am in and what kind of music I am inspired by during certain periods of my life. I don’t hate it or anything, I just think it works better live than the recording. Also, the title is funny because when I first wrote the song I called it ‘Biker Song’ on my phone with the idea in mind that we were going to make a music video with bikers driving around in the desert, I wanted to change the title later when more of the lyrics were written but the demo title stuck with me and I couldn’t figure out another title later on, it kind of felt like a curse.

6Why Keep Calling Home?

This is my favourite song on the EP for sure. I think it’s beautifully composed, has a nice rhythm and I absolutely adore the bass riff that my brother (our bass player) came up with which really drives the song. It is again a spontaneous moment on the EP because we pretty much learned how to play it at the studio in between recording other songs and just thought that it could be a fun track to try out. I am happy that we did record it and that we decided to put it on the EP. For me, that track represents another side of my songwriting, which I am going to explore more in the future for sure.

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