Alice Cooper: 50 Years And Still Touring

Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper once said “Mick Jagger is still touring and he is six years older than me so I figure when he retires I still got six years left. I will not let him beat me in terms of longevity.” His fans will certainly be hoping that’s true as 20 new dates in North America have been announced on his 2018 World Tour.

The tour will allow the popular artist to showcase the work on his 27th studio album, “Paranormal”, that was released in July this year. The tour has been aptly named “A Paranormal Evening with Alice Cooper” and is already proving a big hit.

Cooper has become something of a legend in popular culture and his unique style has seen him feature in comics, such as the Marvel series Marvel Premiere of the late 1970s and in modern online slots such as Mr. Smith’s Casino‘s Alice Cooper: School’s Out game. He was even asked to help write an edition of Bongo Comic’s Bart Simpson’s Tree House of Horrors Monsters of Rock, in which he had Homer becoming a psycho killer in Springfield. All quite fitting for a man credited with the name “The Godfather of Shock Rock” for his dramatic stage shows and flamboyant dress sense.

His career thus far has spanned five decades and his musical influences, such as The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Who, and the Yardbirds, have helped him, arguably, become one of the most respected music writers of all time. Even Bob Dylan, in an interview in 1978, referred to Cooper as “an overlooked songwriter”, which is something coming from a man many consider to be the poet of the music industry.

His latest album is a testament to his verve for writing new material and the singer himself has often criticised the quality of songwriting by modern rock bands, describing it as “anaemic”. Paranormal sees two tracks performed by “the classic” Alice Cooper band, a line-up that consists of Neal Smith (drums), Dennis Dunaway (bass), and Michael Bruce (guitar and keyboards). It is, of course, missing the guitar of Glenn Buxton, who sadly passed away in 1997, but having the originals back together for a couple of songs is a nice touch.

Alice Cooper

The album features a host of other famous names playing across 10 tracks recorded in the studio, two bonus tracks, and a further six live bonus tracks from the Columbus concert of the Alice Copper Band 2016 tour.

The album topped the US Independent and Hard Rock Album Billboard and got to number six in the UK charts, which is evidence of the shock rocker’s ability to write new material that still appeals to the commercial audience while keeping his long-term fans happy. His tour of the album will likely receive positive reviews and will encourage Cooper to continue to produce new material going forward.

When you consider that he has survived in a cut-throat industry for nearly 50 years and is still able to produce, record, and tour new material that people enjoy, you can only applaud. By his own admission, he has no intention of stopping and aims to keep it going for a few more years yet.