Aliment – ‘Drink Hunter’ (Overblown Track Premiere)

aliment drink hunter premiere

New Album Silverback  Out Oct 9th Via La Castanya.

I don’t know a hell of a lot about Girona, but I do know that the Spanish city birthed the lo-fi punk trio Aliment. I also know that they have a new album coming out on October 9th via La Castanya called Silverback, and ‘Drink Hunter’ from that album is premiering here on Overblown right now! The track is an urgently upbeat slap in the face that highlights the trio’s love of fast rhythms and garage guitars, while simultaneously sounding like a night on the piss that ends with you triumphantly sticking it to the man. The abrupt ending to the track could be the sound of you suddenly passing out. These things happen buddy. Listen to the track below.

Silverback track-list:
1. Razors
2. Car Crush
3. Maniac
4. My Filthy Old Sundays
5. 10.000 Hexes
6. Moving Mountains
7. Bad Blood II
8. No Fuzz
9. Drink Hunter
10. Silverback

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