All Them Witches – ‘Nothing as the Ideal’ | Album Review

all them witches

All Them Witches’ new album Nothing as the Ideal is out on September 4th via New West Records.

All Them Witches is a band that I could never speak ill of. They are a band that I would put on my very small list of perfections. Each band member brings in their own special touches to the band as they work like a well-oiled, functioning machine. Combining psychedelic and stoner rock, they are the ultimate love child of TOOL, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and Kyuss but they are completely unique to their own. They cannot easily be attached or tied down to one genre. They are a band that has perfected their sound that I have come to love.

After teasing us with three unforgettable singles, All Them Witches will be releasing Nothing as the Ideal on September 4th. The 8-track album was recorded at Abbey Road Studios in the legendary Studio Two which is the home of many recording legends such as The Beatles and Pink Floyd. Produced by the band Mikey Allred, who worked on their 2015 album Dying Surfer Meets His Maker, this album also marks the bands newest form as a trio. This album delves deeper into their psychedelic world and is their most experimental set of recordings to date alongside heavy riffs, dominating drums and faultless vocals.

Kicking off the album is ‘Saturnine & Iron Jaw’, which was a previously released single. This track opens up with a long, ambient, bright guitar, accompanied by a droning synth that eventually fades into a distorted wonderland of impeccable vocal harmonies and a hard back lining drum beat.

In a change of pace, ‘Everest’ is a song that is almost reminiscent of a soliloquy. Narrated by McLeod playing beautiful melodies that cry with emotion, it is dark but has traces of hope sprinkled in and out of the piece with sounds nostalgic of medieval times as if it should be played in a courtroom.

Following this is the atmospheric near 10-minute trip that is ‘See You Next Fall’. With a crushing bass tone and oversaturated guitar lines, it burrows the album deeper and further into the psychedelic abyss created by the band. The guitar suddenly drops in volume and leaves the drums, bass and vocals take centre stage. It stays this way until the band slowly build the song back up, higher and higher to the point McLeod returns with his entrancing guitar solos that leave you enthralled.

An unforgettable, story told by the band is their twist of the classic tale of Romulus and Remus with their stand-alone track ‘The Children of Coyote Woman’. The music video for this narrative was also shot by drummer Robby Staebler. It’s interesting to hear acoustic guitar and beautiful slide playing after the so far, high gained journey. It is the perfect balance between the storytelling of Led Zeppelin and the bands easily recognisable sound with vocals and lyrics that are left sitting in your mind.

Nearing the end of the album is the penultimate track ‘Lights Out’. Opening with a drum fill that heads straight into the verse, it is a song that feels never-ending is it segues into the final track ‘Rats in Ruin’. That one, which climaxes with captivating riffs, unwavering bass and hefty cymbal crashes after a restrained acoustic build up, is the ideal way to end this stellar album.

This is an album that I could listen to forever and never be tired of it. I was waiting until I heard the record to order it on vinyl but halfway through listening, I immediately pulled out my wallet and ordered one. This is an album that all music fans could enjoy and listen to and is All Them Witches best work to date. It is the perfect follow up to their last album ATW. I only wish as a long-time fan that there were more tracks recorded. This is a band that will go down in the history books.

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