Aloric – ‘When Doves Cry’ [Prince Cover] (Overblown Video Premiere)

aloric when doves cry prince cover

Here at Overblown we did not have a tribute to Prince after his untimely passing earlier this year. Nothing seemed adequate or fitting to encapsulate the influence of one of the purest and weirdest musicians of the modern era. However, now we are delighted to premiere Aloric’s cover of the Prince classic ‘When Doves Cry’ which is just about as fitting a tribute to the purple one that you could imagine. The cover is theatrical, it’s dramatic, but it is always, always based in an earnest emotion that is impossible to fake. Wonderful stuff.

“His death hit me hard,” Aloric told Overblown when we asked about the cover. “If Bowie was a blow to the stomach, then this was a knockout punch. I admire him (Prince) on every level imaginable; his guitar work, his vocal range, his bass slapping, his piano skills, his harmonies, his choreography, his production, his image; he was the truest musician that ever lived. I always loved this song and the lyrics took on a new meaning after his death, I just wanted to capture that and use this as an opportunity to pay tribute to him. I guess you could call it my eulogy.”

Listen to the track above, watch the video below. Free download via Bandcamp.

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