Aloric Shares Tribute To Jeff Buckley Titled ‘Grace’

aloric grace

London one man band, and one of Overblown’s favourite finds of 2015, Aloric have shared his second track titled ‘Grace’. The track is an epic and expansive tribute to late singer/songwriter Jeff Buckley whose influence can be felt in the vocals and intensity of performance on display. The track also sees the influence of Radiohead’s latter day soundscapes and Sigur Ros’ epic theatricality. The track expands on the simplistic beauty of debut track ‘Who?’ with the inclusion here of a string section and a stripped back ambition that is absolutely spellbinding. Listen, folks. This is truly wonderful.

The track is written from Jeff’s perspective, Aloric says of the track. “Specifically when he was 8 years old and his mother took him to meet his estranged musician father Tim Buckley, for the first and only time. Jeff said of the time, that his father didn’t really talk to him and just stayed in the studio for a few days. It’s a story of absence & rejection, and a metaphor that can resonate with a lot of people. The outro finishes with the incredible twist of fate of how Jeff was discovered; playing a Tim Buckley tribute gig at St. Ann’s Cathedral. It’s a ‘pheonix from the flames’ moment, with Jeff rising above his father’s history and making a claim for his own name.”

Listen to ‘Grace’ below:

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