Aloric Shares Video For ‘Who?’

A Mix Of Godflesh And Radiohead.

Mysterious London based experimental rock one man band Aloric has shared the video for his remarkable debut track ‘Who?’. The track opens with the sturm and drang of Ministry, Nine Inch Nails, or even Godflesh at their most cacophonous and abrasive. At this point Overblown was struggling to hear Aloric’s alleged love of Radiohead, Sigur Ros, and Bjork. But then the entire wall of sound gives way to a haunting piano ballad that, with its strings, focus on rhythm, and lilting vocals, does indeed call to mind the beauty of ‘Pyramid Song’ or ‘All Is Full of Love’ before quickly descending into a brief reprise of the opening industrial grind. This could well be one of our favourite tracks of 2015. We can’t wait for more.

Watch the video above or listen to the track below. It’s available for free download via Bandcamp.

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