Alt rock: Bob Mould shares ‘What Do You Want Me To Do’

Bob Mould

Mould’s 13th solo album Sunshine Rock is out February 8 2019 via Merge Records.

The legendary progenitor of alternative rock Bob Mould, of Husker Du fame, has returned with the second track to be released from his upcoming 13th album, Sunshine Rock. Titled ‘What Do You Want Me To Do’, the song is typical barnstorming, fuzzy and melodic Mould fare. But, who’s complaining? The man knows how to write a short alt rock blast of infectiousness.

“Almost four years ago, I made plans for an extended break,” Mould explains in relation to the new album. “I started spending time in Berlin in 2015, found an apartment in 2016, and became a resident in 2017. My time in Berlin has been a life changing experience.”

“To go from [2011 autobiography] See a Little Light to the last three albums, two of which were informed by loss of each parent, respectively, at some point I had to put a Post-It note on my work station and say, ‘Try to think about good things.’ Otherwise I could really go down a long, dark hole,” he says. “I’m trying to keep things brighter these days as a way to stay alive.”

He also recently released the title track from the album. Fuzzy major chords are the order of the day. Oh hey! There’s strings. Nice. Noice.

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