Alt Rock: Forth Wanderers’ Bittersweet ‘Know Better’

forth wanderers know better

Slop EP Out November 11th Via House Anxiety/Marathon Artists (EU) And Father/Daughter (US).

People have told me I should know better my whole life. My gran told me when I put blu tack in my hair. My teacher told me when I ran into a concrete pillar and chipped my tooth. My friends told me when I was fired for accidentally tweeting an article about oral sex to a customer of my former employer. Whoops. It seems that New Jersey alt rock quintet Forth Wanderers are more self critical though as in their latest single ‘Know Better’ (follow up to the wonderful ‘Slop‘) singer Ava Trilling admonishes herself for being naive in romantic relationships.

Backing up Trilling’s mournful reprimands are relaxed and yet downcast chords, a swaying, waltz like rhythm, and a somewhat forceful denouement. “I was going through a weird time,” says Trilling of writing the EP. “But these songs felt great to write. With every song Ben sent me, lyrics would ultimately pour out.”

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