Alt Rock: Jagd Share New Track ‘All Work/All Play’


Jagd’s new single ‘All Work/All Play’ is out today, July 31st.

Dutch alt-rock quartet Jagd (pronounced ‘jagged’ I presume!) have shared their new single ‘All Work/All Play’. Filled with riffs, choruses and dark humour, the track is a propulsive and infectious jam that should see the group elevated to new heights. Our favourite lyric is: “Why did the chicken open-source it’s roast?” That one made me actually laugh out loud. Also, love the references to The Shining by Stephen King.

“We’re all busy all the time, overworked and overstressed, “says the band of the song. “Mass media, internet and the explosive growth of information demanding what’s left of our attention spans. No wonder it almost feels like sensory overload is unavoidable, often leading to a blasé mentality towards oneself and others. Avoidance made easy, especially when it comes to emotional discomfort.”

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