Alt Rock: King Buzzo Shares New Track ‘Delayed Clarity’

king buzzo
(Photo credit Mackie Osborne)

King Buzzo’s new album with Trevor Dunn, Gift of Sacrifice, is out 14th August via Ipecac Recordings.

King Buzzo, of Melvins fame, has shared a new track from his upcoming album Gift of Sacrifice. The track, titled ‘Delayed Clarity’, showcases Kind Buzzo’s love for open tunings and Middle Eastern melodies. The album follows his solo debut album These Machine Kills Artists. For me, this is one of the more impressive and ambitious solo tracks the grunge pioneer has released. Kudos, Buzz!

Gift of Sacrifice artwork:

king buzzo

Gift of Sacrifice tracklist:

  1. Mental Vomit
  2. Housing, Luxury, Energy
  3. I’m Glad I Could Help
  4. Delayed Clarity
  5. Junkie Jesus
  6. Science in Modern America
  7. Bird Animal
  8. Mock She
  9. Acoustic Junkie

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