Alt rock: Listen to Mister Goblin’s debut album ‘Final Boy’

Mister Goblin

Final Boy is out now via Exploding in Sound Records.

Goddammit, Sam Woodring can pen a tune. Thus far, that has only been with his main band, the emo/post-hardcore outfit Two Inch Astronaut. But now, he’s gotten the solo bug and released a much more restrained and reflective project under the moniker Mister Goblin.

Full of his atypical melodies and cathartic emotion, the short six-song effort allows his emotional and direct compositions to show their nuance and vulnerability. The first single is titled ‘Nothing You Do (Happens)’. Listen below.

“Nothing You Do (Happens)” is about the general sense of political and personal futility that I think a lot of people are feeling, and not assuming that that is going to be eternal,” says Woodring. “Me and Michael John Thomas III were listening to a lot of 21 Savage in the studio, so we decided to throw in some wacky digital hi-hats, which I thought turned out really neat.”

Final Boy is out on Exploding in Sound Records right now.

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