Alt Rock: The Magnapina Share EP Created During Lockdown

The Magnapinna

The Magnapinna’s new EP Squid Sandwich is out now.

Irish alt-rock messers The Magnapinna have dropped a new EP recorded remotely during the lockdown. Titled Squid Sandwich, the release showcases their typically irreverent sense of humour and very fine musical chops. The EP consists of a cover of the Tomahawk song ‘God Hates A Coward’, two new songs recorded remotely, and four live tracks from their last gig in Drop Dead Twice in Dublin on February 21st. There’s reggae, rapping, and really good times. Apparently, they also have a full-length album on the way. Huzzah!

Have a listen to the EP below and then read what the fellas from The Magnapinna have to say about it.

Here’s what the boys have to say about the release:

Squid Sandwich is a collection of b-side and live material leading up to the Coronavirus lockdown in Ireland.

We had just completed a full length recording in January before things took a turn and placed us all in the most alien of situations. We played our last show in Drop Dead Twice in Dublin on Feb 21st, and thankfully we had the presence of mind to record the audio of the performance. All the live cuts are from this Dublin show, with thanks to Alan ‘Batman’ Hanlon. They feature a choice cut from the upcoming full length in ‘I Kennedy’ along with a generous squirting of our favourite live tunes.

During lockdown, we figured out how to record and share ideas through file sharing and Zoom gatherings. We each learned how to operate various recording software and get a somewhat decent return for our efforts. Stuck and fucked, the notion to release something came quickly. Mostly to fill a giant jamming sized hole and to compensate for the fact that we were so far apart in disparate parts of the country. The GHAC Tomahawk cover was something we had been toying with during rehearsals, so it made sense to use it as a sacrificial lamb of sorts to see what we could achieve remotely.

Mr.E Blunden sent basic drum patterns to myself by using an old beaten down midi kit and I used EZDrummer to programme and flesh out the beats. We recorded guitars and bass remotely, utilizing all sorts of DIY recording chambers to get something approaching a full band sound. Vox were done through various means, a lot of what you hear is sung directly into the phone. We had already been jamming the songs pre-COVID, so arranging them was quick and to the point. It was a unique and fun experience at the time. The world was burning and we had our heads in cupboards screaming vocals into a soft toy arrangement.

It became apparent very quickly that we needed someone to pull focus and structure our communication dramatically. A couple of weeks using Reaper definitely doesn’t make you a good sound engineer, and the volume of ideas that were coming through were simply impossible to keep up with. See the 8minute doom ballad with a reggae outro for reference, it wasn’t easy containing those ideas.

We eventually had an engineer in Dublin (E.Grannell – Slacker’s Symphony) take the reigns and direct us a little bit before he mixed and mastered the results. Effectively, he acted as a remote producer. He also performed the chorus vox on the Tomahawk cover. Simply put, he made the sandwich edible.

Thankfully, we now have access to the mixes from early 2020 and the whole effort throughout lockdown with Squid Sandwich feels like it was necessary and worth the effort. Our focus is now back to where it was, and that’s to deliver a full length studio recording that will turn heads and move the air around your face.

For now, at least, have a bite of the Squid Sandwich, x.

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