Alt Rock: Orochen Share New Track “Drift Away”


Swedish alternative rock quintet Orochen have dropped the lead single from their Thylacine EP, ‘Drift Away’.

The EP was entirely conceived during the COVID-19 induced lockdown. In Orochen’s words ‘Drift Away’ tackles religion and “how humankind always have put their faith in higher powers and that this sometimes has been a uniting force but more often leading to chaos and disorder,” sentiments that can be transposed to the lockdown as well. ‘Drift Away’ lumbers to create a dense atmosphere akin to O’Brother’s ‘Endless Light’. An atmosphere supplied by dominant drums and smooth vocals courtesy of dual vocalists Jonas Mattsson and Emil Gustavsson. The guitars are ethereal, rarely committing to a riff. Their refusal encompasses the appeal of “Drift Away”. Much like the slow pan in a horror film “Drift Away”’s power comes not from what we can perceive but what it conveys – learned helplessness in isolation.

Orochen · Thylacine – 02 – Drift Away

Thylacine is now available on Orochen’s Bandcamp and Spotify.

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