Alt Rock: The Coolers Share ‘Karen’ Video

The Coolers’ new single ‘Karen’ is out now!

The Coolers are an alt-rock band, in the vein of Pixies or the Breeders, from Los Angeles in the good ol’ US of A. They’ve just released a new track called ‘Karen’. A laidback mid-tempo number that calls to mind the most glorious of the early ’90s slacker rock, the song sports a catchy as hell chorus and that lovely humour that was everywhere in the ’90s. Love it.

The single comes with a video that includes the band member’s playing the song a lot while smiling manically. Which oddly completely suits the vibe of the song. The Coolers on the song, “We wrote this song as a tribute to all the Karens out there. Young and old. Tall and short. Men and women. This song is for anyone with an annoying coworker, anyone who likes fruit cups, and anyone who knows Karen.”

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