Alternative Metal: Deftones Share ‘Ohms’ Video

Deftones’ ninth album Ohms is out on September 25th via Reprise Records.

Alt metal legends Deftones have shared the video for the first single from their upcoming ninth album Ohms.  The song, which is the title track of the album, is a typically heavy and yet romantic Deftones track replete with a soaring chorus courtesy of vocalist Chino Moreno. (FYI: ‘Ohms’ (symbol Ω) usually refers to the plural for the unit of electrical resistance, named after Georg Ohm.)

Pre-order Ohms here.

The video was directed by rafatoon for the production company dreambear. Evan Brown and Dave Gelb are the executive producers. 3D direction is by Andres4d and Vfx production is by TunjaYork. The 3D team are Andres4d, Santiago Peña, Omar Galvis, Daniel Guarin. It is edited by rafatoon and David Bautista with composition by rafatoon and Andres4d. 2D animation is by Camilo Leal and the video commissioner is Devin Sarno.

Ohms tracklisting:

  1. “Genesis”
  2. “Ceremony”
  3. “Urantia”
  4. “Error”
  5. “The Spell Of Mathematics”
  6. “Pompeji”
  7. “This Link Is Dead”
  8. “Radiant City”
  9. “Headless”
  10. “Ohms”

Ohms artwork:


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