Alternative Rock: Glom Share ‘Matches’


Glom’s new album Merit is due out in the autumn.

New York alt-rock sextet Glom have shared another new single from their upcoming sophomore album. The track, titled ‘Matches’, is a mid-tempo meander through ’90s alt-rock glory replete with a big fuzzy solo. Melody is king here as ‘Matches’ is led by a lonely bass, simple drum beat and perfect slacker vocals. This thing right here, my friends, has a lot of heart. And it doesn’t follow a conventional song structure. This are all pluses in my book.

“‘Matches’ is about the struggle in differentiating between personal growth and what others want you to be – allowing self-doubt and anxiety to dictate changes in hopes that it will make yourself more desirable, “says the band. “The song’s climactic outro is meant to represent self discovery, that one’s idiosyncrasies are what makes him/her an individual and they should be celebrated.”

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