Alternative Rock: Narrow Head Share ‘Night Tryst’, Announce New Album

narrow head

Narrow Head’s new album 12th House Rock is due for release on 28th August via Holy Roar Records and Run For Cover Records.

Emerging from the Texas underground rock scene, alt-rock quintet Narrow Head have quickly amassed a dedicated following since the release of their debut album Satisfaction in 2016. Now, they’ve announced that they will sign with Holy Roar Records and Run For Cover Records for the release of their upcoming second album 12th House Rock.

To celebrate, they’ve shared the first single from the album titled ‘Night Tryst’ along with the video for the same track. The song is a super nostalgic trip into early ’90s alternative rock, most resembling the Smashing Pumpkins album Gish. Narrow Head play with such ease and confidence that they grab the style and make it their own.

Check out the video below.

The track, vocalist/guitarist Jacob Duarte explains, “I wanted to create a fairly dark world with my words. Kind of like the reality William Burroughs creates in Naked Lunch: a grimy world of drunks and druggies filled with endless nights of unknown substances, pleasures, and regrets. I put my life and experiences into that world and those are the words that came out.”

Pre-order the album via Holy Roar Records.

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