Alternative Rock: Otherkin share video for ‘Tombstone’


Since forming in Dublin in 2014, alternative rock quartet Otherkin have made a definitive point of doing everything with endearing and infectious enthusiasm. Melding the raucous nature of the best alternative rock with a keen sense of melodic pop leanings, their break through single ‘Ay Ay’ and following EPs and debut album OK are pretty classy examples of how to craft what are essentially pop songs but also imbue with a sense of raw danger.

After a brief break, they are now back with ‘Tombstone’. A swaggering tune with a rough and ready attitude, the song has the band firing on all cylinders. Coming across like a modern version of Velvet Revolver, the track is all sweat and leather. It was recorded last September in Brighton with Chemical Brothers’ producer Steve Dub, which is evident in the tracks clear leanings towards a more ‘dance’ like vibe. Hopefully, it is a solid indicator of a good time follow up to OK.

“With the next chapter of the band, we felt the urge to change up our sound and make something a bit more dynamic, something fresh. So we decided to take some elements of the tension, challenges and stress from the last few years and do something creative with it; music that feels new and exciting to us, that might surprise people and also confront our own expectations of what we can do. All that remains won’t be the same.” says the band.

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