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New American Anymen Flag Burner EP Takes a Stance Against Trump’s America. It’s out now.

It is hardly a secret that political events in America over the last year have gotten people rather riled up. One of those perturbed with developments is Brett Sullivan. Front-man of Brooklyn based antifolk / punk / alternative outfit American Anymen, he says that these events have “to be addressed if we are serious about the safety of the world and everyone in it”. He’s very much correct. We’re lucky to have him.

“Flag Burner is a reaction to the facist in the White House,” continues American Anymen’s Brett Sullivan. “It was written with the idea that messages being subtly delivered in poetic lyrics was simply not enough in a Trump America. So the songs are blunt and literal. We have to speak our against these people, and the culture and rhetoric they promote. Locker room talk should not be their norm.”

Brett took a bit of time recently to tell us about some music he has been enjoying. Perhaps we will learn what has inspired his lo-fi and angry work.

American Anymen

Hi! This is Brett from Brooklyn, NYC, from the music collective American Anymen. I’m going to give a list of my fav local anti folk videos. And guess what, i’m not even going to leave the confines of the American Anymen Vimeo page. I make music, but what I did first was make experimental videos. A few years ago I started to make videos for the friends of mine that American Anymen plays shows with. Here is a selections of a few of these.

1. Crazy & the Brains: Good Boy

The show this video was shot as was easily the best show i’ve seen in a few years. This was shot in Jersey City at a motorcycle club’s warehouse. Crazy & the Brains lived next door to the warehouse and they temporarily turned it into a DIY venue called “The Funhouse.” This funhouse was soon shut down after this show as the police evidently didn’t like the punk scene mixing with a motorcycle gang.

2. Jen Turner: Boy’s Night Out

This video is a live performance of Comrade Turner’s epic but really short song. Jen is also in American Anymen most times and has hidden her best songs on a hard drive at her apartment and never lets anyone hear them. There is a handful of amazing songs and this I consider one of her best.

3. Jeff Lewis: Support Tours

This vid was shot a tour with Jeff down South. I liked this video because it was shot entirely in the van. Not allot of room in a van to shoot a video but did it anyway. I shoot all my vids on cell phones and you can move around freely with a camera that small. Funny lyrics on this song about DIY tour life.

4. Phoebe Blue & The Make Baleaves

Phoebe is from Staten Island and my favorite song writer. She reminds me of me in that she naturally rebels agains anything that is commonplace. She doesn’t arrange songs traditionally, nor does she play guitar traditionally, or do anything else traditionally for that matter. I like this vid cause I don’t usually combine ripped footage with footage I actually shot.

5. Courtney Farren

This video was pretty much accidental. We did not plan to have this footage end up as a music video. When we shot this I barely know Courtney. It was cold outside and when we played guitars in the park are hands froze. I ended up looking at the footage a few months later and just made this spontaneously. I sent it to Courtney and we both decided it was kinda cool in it’s clumsiness and immediacy. So here it is.

6. Little Cobweb

This was the first video I ever made for somebody. I didn’t know how to use final cut pro or the computer I had just bought. I did have a deadline though and this vid was edited under basically blind conditions. I had no idea what I was doing and all the tricks were made with projectors and props as apposed to editing tricks. Another vid shoot during a cold Manhattan night.

7. Frank Olson & The Olson Twins

Another cell phone, one day vid shoot. Was fun to do this and I remember how nice the weather was like. We shot this in a park directly across the street from the main rehersal spaces in Williamsburg. So everyone was looking at us shoot this and I learned that day not to give a shit about what people though about when I was shooting. This trick helped me later when shooting in crowed spaces or subway cars that were packed.

Hope you like the vids and the music and BYE !!!

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