American Clay – ‘Turps’ – Overblown Video Premiere

Overblown first stumbled across American Clay at Glasgow’s Restless Natives Fest earlier in 2016. They were, quite simply, brilliant. At that time we compared their vociferous guitar squall / gentle melodies combination to Fugazi nuzzling up with American Football. Thankfully we haven’t had too long a wait for some recorded output to come our way in the shape of their debut release, the Happenstance EP.

Premiering above is the video for ‘Turps’, the 2nd track on the EP and it’s a perfect example of what makes American Clay a band worthy of your undivided attention. It mixes shoegazey guitar melodies with a frantic beat and subdued vocals before delivering the most satisfying crunch of bending guitars. Everything you love wrapped up all in just under three minutes. Sweet.

The EP’s opening track ‘Talk’ was released as a 7” single via Northern Ireland’s Smalltown America Label in 2015 and also featured on London label Killing Moon’s most recent compilation New Moons Vol V Part II. Check it out below.

The Happenstance EP is self-released by American Clay and is out on 9th Sept 2016. You’ll be able to grab it from that date right here

American Clay will be celebrating the release of the EP with a gig at the Priory Bar in Glasgow on 9th Sept. Tickets

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American Clay