Ancient Channels: New Band of the Day #239

ancient channels

Ancient Channels debut album Moments in Ruin is coming soon.

Who: Vox, guitars and synths by Kelly Hanlon, drums and percussion by Chris Preindl.

What: Post-punk/shoegaze.

Where: Brisbane, Australia.

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Why: Australian duo Ancient Channels manage quite a dexterous meld on new single ‘Carpe Noctem’ (that is ‘seize the night’ in Latin by the way). Combining the propulsive and robotic nature of post-punk with the dreamy, hazy, fuzzy emotion of shoegaze, the track is a dichotomous proposition that is both insistent and relaxed. It is the first single from the duo’s upcoming debut album Moments in Ruin, which does not quite have a release date yet.

‘Carpe Noctem’ follows the their first single ‘Footprints in the Dark’. That one is a more nascent proposition that takes its time to seduce your ears. We don’t know if that will feature on their debut album, but either way, this is one we will be waiting eagerly.

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