Anna Von Hausswolff Shares ‘Wander With Me/Deliverance’, Announces New LP

anna von hausswolff come wander with me deliverance

The Miraculous  Is Out November 13th Via City Slang.

Today the Swedish Anna Von Hausswolff has announced the follow up to her 2012 ‘funeral pop’ album The Ceremony, with the release of the truly epic 10 minute track ‘Wander With Me/Deliverance’. Her second album will be titled The Miraculous and is set for release on November 13th via City Slang.

In the meantime, you can sate yourself with the absolutely transcendent ‘Wander With Me/Deliverance’. Encapsulating, dark folk vocal melodies, droney soundscapes, and doom laden riffs, the track is a cover of a song by Jeff Alexander and Anthony Wilson which originally appeared in a Twilight Zone episode in 1964. A whole new song ended up being developed out of the cover during live performances. Anna explains: ‘Come Wander with Me’ was presented to me by a friend and it became one of my favorite songs. I decided to make a cover of it. The lyrics and the feeling of the song seduced me into this mystical yet romantic landscape. It deals with the idealisation of a world that you yearn to know, and the fear and frustration that one might never be able to fully exploit that place due to physical and emotional limitations. It’s about longing and dreaming, while facing the reality of obligations and doubt. Every time we played it, it grew bigger and bigger and another song started to take shape. That song became “Deliverance.”

The album is named for a place that Anna’s parents used to tell her stories about as a child. It was a place with a complicated history. It was a place that was home to Sweden’s folk music, and a place of outstanding natural beauty, however it had once been the scene of a bloody uprising against the country’s king. Thousands died . To Anna, it became a place of mystery, terror, and magic. Though she won’t tell us where this place actually is, she returns often if only in her imagination. She calls the place Miraculous.

The Miraculous tracklist:

1. Discovery
2. The hope only of empty men
3. Pomperipossa
4. Come wander with me / Deliverance
5. En ensam vandrare
6. An Oath
7. Evocation
8. The Miraculous
9. Stranger

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